The dream is... To Live Your Life Your Way

  • Time Freedom 

  • Location freedom

  • Abundance

  • Confidence

  • A growth mindset

  • Insert your desire here___________

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Hi, I'm Sari. Wife to Daniel & mum to Evie & Elka. A normal family from Maslin Beach, South Australia. Living normal busy lives trying to balance work, raising children, hobbies and all else that comes with life.....and feeling over it!

We once had a dream to travel Australia which were all put on hold to buy a home and have a family but one day I suddenly knew deep within me that...

 I had to change that dream into a goal.

My Why ...

My strongest desire in life is to

live my life my way rather than just accepting that we go to school, find a job or career, work incredibly hard for the next 40, 50 or more years & then hope that we have a few good, healthy years left to have some fun once we retire.

This is not a model that appeals to me. I had to look outside the box & find ways to create time & financial freedom in my life NOW not later.

So, we used all our savings to buy a caravan, packed up & rented our house out, moved into our caravan in the middle of a South Australian winter on my in-laws front lawn & spent 18 months saving our butts off before beginning to travel Australia & I starting to search for other income options.

My Purpose... 

I am a self-confessed Student For Life (i.e. give me courses, great books & inspirational people to follow on social media for the rest of my life please!)

I've consumed a lot of content & information in my life along with lots of life lessons that have been learnt. My desire is to share my thoughts & learnings with others in the hope that it reaches even 1 other human that finds it beneficial. If I keep it all in my own mind there is no chance of having a positive impact on the world so I'm letting it allllll out!

"And suddenly you just know it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings"